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Four years after the first Heartless war, peace is still a tenuous and fading hope for the worlds threatened by darkness. The Keyblade Master is sealing worlds as fast as possible, but he is only one teenager, and the forces mounted against him are staggering. The War Council of Hollow Bastion, made up of the seven Princesses of Heart, is hard-pressed to keep the world's volunteer army abreast of the rising tide of conquest. Countless worlds have already been lost, their refugees trickling into Traverse Town and filling the waystation to the brim. More stars blink out every day, and even with help from unexpected and anonymous sources, the War Council fears the worst: that they are fighting a losing battle.

Yet even as the worlds seem to splinter apart, invisible threads are drawing their people closer together. Former members of SOLDIER, Hollow Bastion's now-defunct military, have rediscovered one another after nine long years of exile. Black-coated and cowled men converge once again on a castle that is neither real nor unreal, but in between. Old heroes lie stagnant or undermined and new ones rise to take their places. Black wings sprout from the staunchest defenders of the Light and petty bickering threatens to destroy the fragile union between those who oppose the shadows. The dark king Ansem's former servants are stirring, plotting to resurrect their lost lord. Everywhere, Heartless are multiplying, their golden eyes shining from corners once thought safe. Is the Keyblade Master enough to stop them? And more importantly--should he?

Luceat Eis is a Kingdom Hearts crossover RPG that is well established, and has solid activity despite being over a year old. With over forty active characters on its roster, Luceat sets the bar high for player interaction and achievement. The game is close-knit, emphasizing OOC friendship and communication between its players, and has a very low turnover rate. We are always looking for new players to join in the action.

Luceat Eis is set on all the worlds of Kingdom Hearts as well as those brought to the crossover universe by characters from other fandoms. It does Include Kingdom Hearts 2, but the characters from that series will have to be written highly AU.

Roleplaying is conducted through first-person journal entries, third-person interactive narrative threads, and AIM instant messenger logs. Players are expected to participate regularly and are encouraged to take part in the thriving OOC community, including IC/OOC alternate-universe "parties" in which players and characters alike can indulge "crack" urges inappropriate for the game itself. Luceat's four moderators are always accessible and available for comments, concerns, questions, or just a little chat. Their information is listed in the game userinfo for easy reference to the game players.

For more information on Luceat Eis and instructions on how to apply, click here. You may also be interested in the community's roleplaying archives or our index of frequently asked questions. To give you an idea of what successful applications look like, all the characters profiles are linked in their entirety according to what world they originate from. Please be sure to read the rules before applying.

We're specifically looking for players to take the following characters: Riku, Kairi, Wakka, Tifa, Cid, Yuffie, Xemnas, Saïx, Luxord, Xaldin, Demyx, Auron, or any of the Princess of Heart. Other fandoms are, of course, welcome!
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