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Kingdom Hearts RPG Casting Call; The Organization

While you might have considered Organization XIII to be a nefarious group of conniving villains, we consider it to have been a bit more like an old episode of Friends- but with less democracy. After Xehanort's departure, Xemnas is left in charge of his twelve Nobody disciples. It's a strict household, run bureaucratically with chore assignments and council meetings while they bide their time until the plan to seek out Kingdom Hearts is fully underway. After all, they've all been pseudo-existing for this one mission, they can stand to wash a few windows and sit down to an Organization Dinner from time to time (all while abiding by the airtight company policy) while they wait. When the brief loss of Sora's heart creates Roxas, however, situations within the Organization complicate and sour, leading to the attempted coup of Chain of Memories, Roxas desertion, and the final days for the members of Xehanort's legacy.

theorganization strives to portray the crucial events of Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts II from Organization XIII's viewpoint--not to make the audience sympathize with the villains, but to give voice to thirteen losers who get less screen time than Donald and Goofy. And maybe to laugh a little. Try to think of it as The Real World for Disney/Square-Enix villains.

The game format will be first person entries regarding current happenings within the Organization (from Xemnas' latest pep talk to the death of a member to complaining about how fucking annoying Demyx can be) with interaction between members largely within comments.

We are also aware that Kingdom Hearts II has not yet been released in the US. We consider it then our duty to start the rpg race early and gather the best among you. If you have an interest in theorganization, but have only Kingdom Hearts I and/or Chain of Memories knowledge, there is always Wikipedia and thousand upon thousands of online summaries. If you'd like to see your character in action first hand, YouTube accounts have many cutscenes (more often than not raw) on archive- here, for example. Further digging on YouTube will reveal next to every single cutscene within Kingdom Hearts II. If you haven't played Chain of Memories and can't deal with just reading about it, it's probably ten dollars at your local department store.

Now. We are also fully aware that there is an obscene number of Kingdom Hearts rpgs out there. Therefore, we plan to make ours:

a) the most badass
b) the most comical
c) the most elitist
d) all of the above.

Above all, theorganization is a writing project. More than players we're seeking partners to bring a good idea into its fruition and realize the latent potential lurking in the Organization XIII's subplot.


Forgive the massive cross-posting. Good players scatter themselves, it seems. permission from mod granted.

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