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Welcome to Anamneses; a Roxas fan community.

The word "anamnesis" means, simply, a recollection or memory. Anamneses is obviously the pluralization of this word. I chose this as the name of the Roxas community specifically because of Roxas's situation; not only does he eventually recall what he truly is, but other nifty things happen that I don't want to say because it'll spoil the game if you haven't played it yet. But the word fits, I'll just say that!

Come, do join the rest of us rabid fans.


[i.] Please keep all spoilers behind LiveJournal cuts. As this community centers around a spoiler-heavy character, it's obvious there will be some degree of spoilage from the get-go, but try to keep it to a minimum, okay?
[ ii.] Don't go off-topic. I don't care if you talk about Kingdom Hearts in general, but try to keep everything floating around our favorite sexy boy Roxas.
[ iii.] You can link to other communities, but if you join to promote, I'll dual-wield your ass to Castle Oblivion and back.
[ iv.] Don't hate, appreciate.
[ v.] Don’t hotlink things from other sites or communities. I'm sure places like KHU have enough problems with bandwidth without people here using it all up. Places like Greatestjournal or Webpost have free picture and media hosting. Use up their bandwidth.
[ vi.] You may post fanfiction and fannart. Just remember that it has to have something to do with Roxas or the XII order [It can include other things in it, just make sure it's oriented around the community subject matter]. Cut your fanfiction or fannart, and place a rating on it [G, T, M? You know.] You can give a small summary of what it's about if you wish.
[vii.] Het, Yuri, and Yaoi pairings are aloud here. Post pictures, stories, whatever that concerns it, it really doesn't matter. Just as long as you cut and rate the material. Because if you don't, some little 12-year old might see Roxas kissing Sora and that will not be good. I can see the hate mail now...
[viii.] Don't bash any opinions. This includes, but is not limited to: relationships in the game, believed OTPs, lifestyles, etc. Otherwise you will suffer horribly.
[ix.] You won't be a mod unless I'm desperate. Which I'm not.
[x.] Any questions can be sent here.
[xi.]I know this is nitpicking, but when posting in the public fora, please refrain from using icons from the kingdom hearts ii ending–or anything too spoilerific. Despite having played the game, this will anger me for other people's accord. Your posts will be e-mailed back to you, and deleted from the community. [This will be due to change after the American release of the game.]
[xii.] Along with fannart, fanfiction, and whatnot, you may post media such as icons, movies, voice parodies, merchandise, and whatnot. Just make sure it’s spoiler free.
[xiii.] Roxas = Love.

Going along the lines of pebi, I stole borrowed her XIII rules. Nyeh heh heh.


Name; Kyle
Livejournal; roxas
AIM; color me kyle
E-mail; roxas@something-useful.net

Name; Pebi
Livejournal; pebi
AIM; Pebi Socks

some facts;
-This community was two things prior to a Roxas shrine; a roleplaying community, then an icon challenge community.
-The name of the community was also the original name for my Roxas fansite, Beloved Colors
-roxas = #1 Roxas fan. ♥

If you would like to be an affiliate, comment on this post. I'll make sure we get affiliated and all that.

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